Friday, May 15, 2015

sri veyi lingala kona falls near Kalahasti

Veyyi Lingala Kona Near SriKalahasti is a famous for Waterfalls and  is one of the best relaxing Tourism places nearby Tirupati, situated on the Sri Veyi Lingala Kona Hills. The water is considered to have healing properties that can cure skin diseases. The word Veyi Lingala Kona in Telugu means 'the valley of the thousand lingas'. The monsoon and the post-monsoon seasons are the best time for visiting this Veyi Lingala Kona Waterfall.

Prettily situated on a flamboyant location, Veyi Lingala Waterfall is just 8 km east of Srikalahasti. The cascading falls tempts each visitor and it is an enchanting experience to take a dip in this mesmerizing falls. People throngs here in large crowds since the water in this cascade has the unique properties of healing. The popular belief is that the dip in the waterfalls would fetch salvation.

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