Monday, May 11, 2015

Padi Kavali Mahadwaram Tirumala Temple

Padi Kavali Mahadwaram Tirumala

Padi Kavali Mahadwaram Tirumala is the outer Gopuram of the Temple and it is 3.3 mt wide. It stands on a quadrangular base in the center of the structure. The Base measures 11 mt South To North and 9.6 mt East To West.
The distance between this Gopuram and the Inner Gopuram is 36 mt. The Compounds walls are 10 cm thick. There are two symmetrically placed cut stone door frames. The folding doors are hung on pivots. There is also a trapdoor entrance into the temple on the left side of the main door.
The arichtectural style of the  Gopuram belongs to the later Chola period and the inscriptions belong to the 13th Century. Several figures of the Vaishnava gods like Narasimha and Anjaneya can be seen on the Gopuram.
The Outer Gopuram has an inscription on the right side belonging to 1217, that describes the donations made by Yadavaraya Vira Narasinga Deva. This shows its antiquity. It also leads to the conclusion that although the outer Gopuram was constructed before 1217 CE, it might had only a bald entrance until about 1260 when the Gopuram was raised by one more level. The superstructure is made of brick and mortar and has a height of 15 mt. It has been renovated with white cement.

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