Tuesday, May 12, 2015

History of SriVari Padalu Tirumala

"SriVari Padalu", in English means "Lord Sri Venkateswara's Feet ". 
SriVari Padalu Tirumala is located a way ahead of Sila Thoranam,As per the mythology this is the place where Lord Narayana first set his feet. The foot print is available here and devotees visit this place at the top of Narayanagiri hill for the divine sight.
The abode of Lord Venkateswara a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu is a location that has been famous to be the first foot step of the lord which he set on this piece of earth. The foot marks at SriVari Padalu are visible and the direction of the feet is pointing towards the today’s Ananda Nilayam.

SriVari Padalu Tirumala directions from Sila Thoranam
10 minute walk from Sila Thoranam one comes to cross roads, one road leading to Dharmagiri and the other to the highest peak on the Tirumala Hills, the Narayanagiri.