Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bhoga Srinivasa Tirumala

hoga Srinivasa Idol Tirumala

Bhoga Srinivasa Idol or Manavala Perumal or Kouthuka Beram
Bhoga Srinivasa Idol is of Silver which is similar to the Moola Vigraham. It is in a standing pose with four arms. It has  a permanent Sanka and Chakra held in the upper right and left hands. The lower arms are in the Varada and Katyavalambhitha poses. The idol has a yantram installed on  it and was donated by Princess Samavai or Kadavan Perundevi of the Pallava Kingdom in 966 CE. All the rituals like Abhishekam, Ekanta Seva and So on, are performed for this idol which regarded as a representative of the main idol ( Moola Vigraham). The exception is during Dhanurmasam when this idol is replaced by Lord Krishna's Idol.
Bhoga Srinivasa is the one who distributes food to the heavenly beings at Bali Pitam, the stone structure near Dwajasthambham, at the four corners of the temple and in the four streets ( Thiru maada) surrounding the Temple.

Apart from the Moola Vigraham that is Older, the Bhoga Srinvasa Idol seems to be the earliest one, belonging to the Pallava period along with the Ugra Srinivas Idol.
The idol is connected to the main idol by means of silk cord and a gold link. Bhoga Srinvasa is supposed to represent the Dhruva Beram.