Sunday, May 22, 2016

Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple History

As per the Legends, In Krutayuga, the demon Raktavilochana, son of the demon king Hiranyaksha, performed a strict penance for the Lord Siva and got the boon. As per the conditions set in the boon, that new Raktha Vilochana will emerge out of every blood dropping on the Earth. With his supernatural powers, he started troubling Sages, Devas and innocent people in the Earth. Sage Viswamitra who was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on Sage Vashista, provoked and diverted the demon on Sage Vashista's 100 sons. Sage Vashista was performing a strict penance on the banks, after diverting river Gowthami to the sea. Arundhati urged Vashista to save their children, for which Sage Vashista prayed for the Lord Narasimha who appeared before him with his Garuda Vahana. In the fierce battle, the demon Raktha Vilochana keeps gaining the strength. Lord Narasimha understood that this all due to the boon he acquired and created Maya Sakthi who came on a horse to the battlefield. Lord asked her to stretch her tongue and cover the entire Earth so that the demon's blood drops will not touch the Earth. Later Lord killed the demon with his discus (Chakra) and washed his discus and hands by creating the pool, which later came to known as Chakra Theertham. It is believed that whoever takes the bath in the Theertham will be relieved from the sins in the present life. Lord self-manifested here with His Consort Lakshmi facing West direction on Sage Vashista's request. As Maya Sakti came on a horse so she called by Aswarudambika, also called by Gurlakka. The blood pool which was created from the battles was called by the Raktakulya.

Temple Timings
5:00 am - 9:00 pm

Antarvedi Narasimha Swamy Temple History

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