Thursday, April 21, 2016

Srisailam Temple History

"Years ago, there lived a princess named Chandravathi who was the daughter of a King who ruled from the Chandragupta Patnam, on the northern bank of the Krishna river. Her father was a valiant warrior who used to be absent from his court quite often due to his other pre-occupations. The princess Chandravathi grew up into a beautiful maiden. She was very pious and devoted by nature and due to a domestic calamity, she went to a forest of Srisailam on the southern side of the river for prayer and penance. She took nothing with her except a faithful herdsman and some cattle. 
The princess was living with the herdsman and the cattle, and living mainly on the forest produce, and upon the milk produced from the cows. She noticed that one black cow out of the herd was not giving any milk at all. She there up on instructed the herdsman to find out the reason for this and to watch the cow. The herdsman hid behind the cow, and watched its movements and came back and reported, that it was not yielding any milk because it gave up all its milk during the course of its wanderings. on a black stone image of Siva in the form of Linga. The princess also witnessed the scene. The night Lord appeared in the dreams of the princess and told her that the black stone lying in the forest was nothing but a manifestation of the Lord Himself. He enjoined upon the princess, the necessity for building a temple around his own Linga. 
Srisailam Temple History

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