Friday, April 22, 2016

Mahanandi Temple History

One version is that in the beginning of Krutayuga one Parvata had two sons called Silada and Nandi. The eldest son Silada got his name due to his strict penance in which he gave up eating any food except Sila (Stone). The Lord was so pleased that he converted Silada into a holy hill and began to live upon him. In the same manner, Second son Nandi also meditated upon the Lord Siva and the Lord converted him as his Nandi or his Vahana. The place where Nandi performed penance is considered to be the portion where the present Mahanandi exists.  
Another version is that dynasty of local kings known as Nandas ruled here in the 11th century AD and they built a number of temples and worshipped their tutelary deity namely the Nandi. 

Interesting places near Mahanandi Temple

  1. Padma Nandi 
  2. Naga Nandi
  3. Vinayaka Nandi
  4. Garuda Nandi
  5. Brahma Nandi
  6. Surya Nandi
  7. Vishnu Nandi
  8. Soma Nandi
  9. Siva Nandi
Mahanandi Temple History