Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangam

Vibhishana brother of Ravana who stood by Rama during the battle, on his return from Ayodhya after attending crowning ceremony of Lord Rama. Lord Rama gifted Vibhana an Idol of Vishnu (Ranganatha Swamy) in reclining position, which was worshiped by Ikshvaku dynasty. While gifting the Idol, Rama told Vibhishana that this Idol should never be placed on the Earth.  If it is placed then is impossible to lift the idol again, as it grows to the size which is impossible to remove from that location. 
Vibhishana forgot the condition and laid it on the ground at the bank's River Cauvery while offering Suryanamaskara and surprised to find the Idol starts growing. All his efforts in lifting the Idol went vain and prayed to the Lord. Lord consoled him by saying that, "I will be facing Lanka in this reclining posture so that you can worship me from your homeland".
That is the reason why Lord here facing towards the South. 

How to reach Srirangam Temple? 

By Air 

  1. Tiruchirapalli is 7 km away from this temple. Tiruchirapalli is well connected with all parts of India.

By Train

  1. Direct trains to Tiruchirapalli is available from all parts of India

By Road

  1. Tiruchirapalli City Bus station is connected with all parts of Tamil Nadu and neighboring states, Kerala, and Karnataka. 
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangam

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