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Arunachaleswarar temple

Arunachaleswarar Temple History

Lingodhbava as per the legends which is associated with this temple. Siva wanted to prove his supremacy, he emerged in the form of a great flaming cosmic pillar fire and challenged Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to find Origin and End . Lord Vishnu then took the form as boar and dug deep into the Earth and told Siva that he could not make it. Lord Brahma who took the form as a swan and set out to reach the top. On his way up, Brahma met Mogili flower (aromatic flower) and cow and requested to support his lie.  Brahma with their support, told siva that he had reached the top. Angered by the claim, Lord Siva cursed Brahma that there will not be any for him and also cursed Mogili, that it is unfit for his Prayers and seeing cow's face first thing in the morning will be considered as a bad.
It is said that when Lord Siva appeared as a great flaming cosmic pillar, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma requested Lord Siva to take a well wishing form for the benefit of mankind. On their request, Lord Siva took the form as a Arunchala hill.  

This temple has 5 prakarams which were built at different times. There is no exact information on the first and second prakarams. Third prakaram was built in the 12th century. Fourth and Fifth prakaras were built in 16th century. Temple architecture, Carving and Paintings resembles Hoyasala and Vijayanagara culture.

arunachaleswarar temple timings

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