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Haridwar Temples List

Haridwar Temples List

Haridwar Temples List, Timings, Route Information

Haridwar is also called by Gangadwar. Temple will be crowded during Shravan Month. It is said that Kavidi an ardent of Lord Siva performed Abhishek for all Siva Lingas across the country with the Ganga and attained Salvation. Haridwar is the place where River Ganga leaves Himalayan Mountains and enter Plains.
Kumbha Mela will be celebrated once in 12 years. A holy dip in  Ganga during Kumbha Mela will relieve the devotee from rebirth cycle.

Har Ki Pauri

One can find the foot impressions of Lord  Vishnu on the rock here. It is called by Braham Kund as Brahma himself named this Kund. Ganga Aarti will be performed daily in the evening hours.

Mansa Devi Temple

This temple is located on top of Bilwa Parvat.  This is one the Sakthi Peeta where Heart of Sati had fallen here. This temple can be reached by Cable Car.

Haridwar Temples List

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