Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Poolangi Seva in Tirumala

After the mid-day Puja on Thursday, the Lord will be dressed only in Dhoti and Uttariyam. The Kasturi will also be removed leaving only a thin mark. Later in the evening after performing Suddhi the flowers which are brought for decorating the Murti will be taken inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Lord will be dressed with an ordinary Dovati. This process is called Sadalimpu or Sallimpu which means loosening or removing.

After evening Puja and Offering Naivedyam (Panakam and green grams) to the Lord, a laced velvet gown will be put on the Murti and the body will be decorated fully with garlands of flowers extending from the crown to the feet. This decoration exclusively with flowers is called Poolangi Seva. 

It is believed that this Seva was in place from 8th Century.