Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kuja Dosha Nivarana - Pooja, Timings, Cancellation, Exceptions, Remedies, Effects

  1. Visiting Lord Subramanya Swamy Temple regularly will also reduce the effect. Recite the Mantra "Om Tat Purushaya Vidhmahe, Mahasenaya dhimahi, Thanno Shanumgha Prachodhayath" for 108 times.
  2. Praying Lord Anjaneya on Tuesday's will also reduce the malefic effects. Reading Hanuman Chalisa daily will help the person to overcome these effects.
  3. Worshiping Lord Vinayaka on Tuesday's will reduce the bad influence. Offer red flowers and Jaggery to Lord Vinayaka and recite the Ganesh Mantra "Om Ganapathaye Namah" for 108 times.
  4. Marriage with Pot and breaking the pot after the marriage. Marriage with Peepal and cutting down the tree after the marriage are the most common practices. I would not suggest this unless it is really required. Do consult a good astrologer before taking any decision. As the presence of Mars will not be considered as Manglik all the time. The power of Manglik Dosha Varies from Low to High.
  5. Offering Red colored grams such as Lentil Dal, wheat bread, red silk to Mangal God will pacify the effects.
  6. Visiting Navagraha temples is another remedy to reduce the intensity of the Dosha.
  7. Marrying after 28 years reduces the influence of Dosha.

Kuja Dosha will not apply

  1. If the person is Manglik but born on Tuesday then He/She is not Manglik. Dosha will not apply in this case.
  2. This effect will be nullified if both boy and girl are Manglik. Some birth charts will be less Manglik and some will be high Manglik, before making any decision do check with astrologer once. As lower Manglik's can't be married to a high Manglik's.

Before practicing any remedies do check with your astrologer.
Kuja Dosha Nivarana