Friday, May 3, 2019

Lakshmi Kubera Temple Vandalur

Lakshmi Kubera Temple Vandalur

Lakshmi Kubera Temple Vandalur History, Timings, Darshan

As per the Legend, Kubera did penance for Lord Siva. Pleased Lord Siva along with Goddess Parvati appeared before him. Kubera on seeing the beauty of the Goddess Parvati remained silent. One of his eyes winked at Goddess Parvati. Angered Parvati Cursed Kubera that the winked eye will lose sight and burst. Kubera pleaded Lord Siva for his mistake. Siva requested Goddess Parvati to the devotee.
Goddess blessed Kubera, that his eye will grow to a smaller size. Hence, one eye is smaller than the other. Lord Siva appointed him as a guard for North direction. Goddess Parvati appointed him as the manager for the wealth.

How to reach Lakshmi Kubera Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Chennai which is 18 Km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest Railway station is at Chennai which is at Tambaram which is 13 Km away

Lakshmi Kubera Temple Vandalur

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