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Shivanasamudra falls Mandya

Shivanasamudra falls Mandya

Distance from Bengaluru: 128 km
Distance from Mysore: 118 km
Best Time to visit: During Monsoon Jul - Sep, when the river rises high. Oct, Nov and Dec is a good time for boating

Route map to Shivanasamudra falls

  1. From Bangalore to Nice road
  2. Nice Road to Kanakpura
  3. Kanakapura to Malavalli
  4. Malavalli to Shivanasamudra
Island at Shivasamudra splits the River Cauvery into two streams. River Cauvery falls from a height of 75 mt into a deep gorge and creates two streams Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki, which are 1 km apart. These two streams pass through the rocky hills and create a scenic beauty for the visitors.
View at Gaganachukki resembles a large horsetail which drops from a height of 90 mt. Hydroelectricity plant was established down the falls in the year 1906. Visitors are not allowed to go near the falls.
Barachukki which is 1 km apart falls from a height of 70 mt forming several streams through the wide rocky formations establishing superb natural beauty. Visitors will have the close view of the falls by Theppa (Boat). This falls surrounded by hill forests of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. 
Shivanasamudra falls Mandya

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