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Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore, Timings and Best Time to visit

Pulicat Lake Nellore Birds Sanctuary

In 1976, Government of India recognized and established bird Sanctuary at Pulicat Lake and Nelapattu. Many Foreign origin birds spend their time here for reproduction. Birds reside on the trees at Nelapattu, Vedurupattu, Bodilingalapadu and Srihari Kota island and feed on Pulicat Lake during their stay. Birds reach Pulicat by Oct and stay till Mar/Apr months. In 1976, Pulicat Lake was under Rajahmundry circle later moved to Tirupati Circle in 1980. Later, it came under Wild Life Division in 1982. Pulicat Wild Life Protection Center was established in 1985 and is governed by DFO.

Birds at Pulicat Lake

Grey Pelicans stay at Nelapattu from Oct-Mar/Apr for their reproduction and feeds on Pulicat Lake
Flamingos use Pulicat for their food. They stay at Pulicat Lake for days.
Painted Storks stay at Vedurupattu lake and Srihari Kota Beripeta and uses Pulicat Lake for their food.
Grey Heron, Black Ducks, White Ducks, Marbled teal, Terns, Egrets, Kites and Partridges, Quails, Sea Gulls,Open-billed Stork, curlews, stilts, plovers, sandpipers, lapwings, redshank, Shoveler, Garganey, Gadwall, Marsh Sandpiper and Black-tailed Godwit used to visit this place.

Flamingo Festival

The then District Collector Praveen Kumar visited Pulicat Lake in 2000 and organized a plan for 3 days Flamingo festival in 2001. In 2013, State Government of Andhra Pradesh had it on their list and celebrated Flamingo Festival on 9th,10th, and 11th Jan. Every year this festival will be celebrated in a grand at Sulurpeta, Nelapattu, and Tada.

Best Time to Visit Pulicat Lake Nellore

From Oct to Mar/Apr months is the best time to visit Pulicat Lake. Birds from Australia, Nigeria, Siberia, Pakistan and from Europe reaches here for their reproduction. 150 to 160 varieties of birds visit Pulicat Lake in a year. 

Food at Pulicat Lake Nellore

Variety food items are available at Sullurpeta Restaurants. South and North Indian Dishes will be served at all hotels.

Accommodation at Pulicat Lake Nellore

  1. Private accommodation is available at Sullurpeta with reasonable prices. Pulicat Lake is 6 km away from Sullurpeta Town.
  2. Tourists can stay at Tirupati, Gudur and Chennai as it is easily reachable from all these places.
Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Nellore

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