Friday, November 20, 2015

Madhavam Guest House Srinivasam Complex Tirupati Rooms Online Booking Procedure

Madhavam Guest House  Srinivasam Complex Tirupati Rooms Online Booking Procedure

Madhavam Guest House Tirupati Rooms Booking procedure
  1.  50% of rooms will be released for online booking.
  2. Advance booking can be done at TTD Website
  3. Madhavam Guest House Rooms Online booking Rooms can be made 60 days in advance.
  4. Only one room can be booked online using one login ID.
  5. Extension for one day will be done at Room allotment counter at Srinivasam Complex in the Ground Floor, with the same tariff.
  6. Pilgrims who want to stay beyond 2 days from the time of allotment, have to pay double the rent amount, charge is laid to avoid misuse.
  7. Room will be allotted to the person, on whom the booking is made.
  8. Room cancellation, any changes to the booking is not available.


  1. Madhavam Guest House, tirupati, room booking online for 11th march, 2019 required. Please notify me immediately and confirm.

  2. I need room for five members.i booked special dharisanam on27.03.19
    Will u please help me sir....

  3. I need room for four members i booked special dharisanam on 26 April will u please help me sir

  4. I want my room on 18_5_2019 with nine members plz help me

    1. Sorry I need a room of my family members nine in number

  5. can I get two rooms at tirupati for 20 members on 22/05/2019

  6. I want one ac suite at 8/5/19 forcouple and 2childs.

  7. Hello sir any room available on 28 the may

  8. Hello sir , I need room only on the 12th June. Please let me know if it is available

  9. Sir, i was booked room at 10th April. Transactions was failure. There is refund amount not credited to me til now

  10. I i come from in France I need A/croom at july 28 and29

  11. Sir SIDAMBARAM I Live in France we want to see thé thirumala so i need A/C room. at srinivasam in july 28 and 29 please reply me Thank you

  12. My family come in tirupati temple 27 december please 1 ac room
    2adult 2 child.27 to 28december