Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yogimallavaram Shiva Temple Tiruchanoor

Yogimallavaram Shiva Temple Tiruchanoor

Sri Parasareswara Swamy Temple is an ancient temple located in Yogimallavaram which is of 1000 years old. Temple is  3 Km away from Tiruchanoor Highway. Earlier Mallavaram to be called as Thiru Parasareswaram, where Thiru means Sri , so only the temple got the name Sri Parasareswara Swamy Temple.

Directions to Yogimallavaram Temple

1) From Tirupati Bus Station, Bus frequency to Tiruchanoor is high. It takes 20 mins to Yogimallavaram. Yogimallavaram is nex to Tiruchanoor Bypass Road.
Bus Route : Tirupati Bus station - Padmavathi Puram - Yogimallavaram - Tiruchanoor .
2)  From here, It takes 15 mins walk from the main road to this temple, There is arch which indicates Yogimallavaram Temple on Temple at the entrance of Yogimallavaram.

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