Tuesday, April 28, 2015

srikalahasti temple rahu ketu pooja details

SriKalahasti Temple Rahu Ketu Pooja Process

In SriKalahasti Temple Rahu Ketu Pooja will be performed during Rahu Kalam Timngs, One should plan during Rahul Kalam Time to gain Pooja the benefits.
SriKalahasthi Temple is always crowded with Rahu Ketu Pooja with Devotees coming from different parts of the Country.
Rahu Ketu Pooja is performed in different formats, which depends on the ticket cost, outside main temple and  inside Temple. Pooja effect will be the same where ever the pooja is performed as long as it is with Temple Premises.
For Rahu Ketu Pooja, Pilgrim is not required to carry any Pooja material, it will be provided at the ticket counter after purchasing Ticket.
Rahu Ketu Ticket Cost includes Pooja material (Pooja Samagri) so additional pooja materials not required.

There are Shops who sell Lotus flowers and other Pooja materials for Rahu Ketu Pooja, but remember whatever provided by the SriKalahasthi Devasthanam for the ticket will suffice the Pooja requirements.
Rahu Ketu Pooja will be performed in batches at Mandapam. Entry and Exit Doors will be different.
Temple Priest will guide you through the Pooja process, He will  be briefing each step in Telugu, Tamil and English so pilgrims can follow them easily.
Temple Staff will be there to guide you if requried, Usually devotees will be confused in placing Rahu Ketu Silver Idols directions and placing RED and BLACK color Clothes, In such cases you can seek help from Staff nearby. Rest of pooja process is simple. Pooja process hardly takes 20-25 minutes for completion.
After Rahu Ketu Pooja completion at Mandapam, you need to carry the Silver Idols along with you and place them in Hundi Inside The Temple which you can find after Lord Siva Darshan.  After coming out the Temple, you should leave all your clothes there itself. Everyone used to throw their dress (everything including Inner wares in to SwarnaMukhi River).

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