Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sri Mogileswara Swamy Temple Mogili History

Sri Mogileswara Swamy Temple Mogili

According to inscription belonging to the sixth regional year of Raja Raja Chola, the diety here was Thrimurthyurat Nayanar.

Sri Mogileswara Swamy Temple Mogili, faces east and is enclosed by a compound wall. It has three gopuras. Apart from the presiding deity, the temple also contains images of Dakshinamurthi Brahma and Vishnu. On the northern side of the main temple, Kamakshi Devi temple is located. An amazing feature of this temple is its pushkarini. No one knows how the water flows out from the mouth of Nandi in all the seasons. Children and women consider that a bath in the holy pushkarini is highly beneficial. Devotees also offer special prayers to Kamakshi Devi for fulfillment of their desires.