Sunday, May 17, 2015

History of Sri Kodanda Rama Temple Valmikipuram Vayalpadu Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

Legend of Sri Kodanda Rama Temple Valmikipuram Vayalpadu 
Kodanda Ramaylam was built by Lord Jambavantha in Treta Yuga as a mark of his respect towards Lord Sri Rama. Uniqueness of this temple is that here Lord Sri Rama will be seen in the coronation ceremony posture as presiding deity flanked by His beloved Goddess Sita Devi and also by his brothers  Laxmana, Bharatha, Shatrughna and  Lord Anjaneya.Here SriRama also called as ‘Pratapa Raama’ as he is holding sword.
There is also a hill here called 'Veeranna Konda' with the shrine of Veerabhadra. It is said that the sage Valmiki sat on this hill while writing The Ramayana.
Another uniqueness of this Temple Idol in this Temple is facing North and Locals says that it is the only Temple in Andhra Pradesh with North facing.
Tallapaka Ananmacharya penned as many as 21 ‘sankeertanas’ in praise of the Pattabhirama Swamy deity here.
Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple is holding 500 years of history, this temple well managed in Krishna Deva Raya’s period and Chola’s period. In 1997, TTD (Tiruma tirupati Devasthanams) adopted and from then temple has seen drastic growth.